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June 16th, 2011

Mr. Don Loyd has been Atlantis Solar for about 2 years and has taken our clients including about 20,000USD in product in exchange for led bulbs that are owed to Ireland, St. Lucia and Dominican Republic. Mr. Don Loyd has decided to go on his own with our clients, including our distributors orders, that he will not deliver to them.

Don Loyd is a thief and stold from Atlantis Solar and 4 distributors over $20,000USD.

He has also sold $1400USD from King Freight Shipping back in October 2010.

Now don has stole from earth-energy-solutions.com.

Don Loyd is under investigation and will see the court room very soon. becareful of Mr. Don Loyd, he is not loyal or read the contracts he sighns that state he is liable for all attorney fee's and not to say or write derogative DISTRIBUTOR will be held liable for all attorney and legal fee's if found posting derogative information in reference to ATLANTIS SOLAR and or other DISTRIBUTOR's via Internet or Media during and after termination of this agreement. Beware whom ever deals with Mr. Don Loyd.

Review about: Solar Hot Water Heaters.



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Dear Atlantis Solar I am pleased to say after having my atmospheric water generator and air conditioner installed , I couldn't be happier as a customer or a health care giver. Now when I have a visitor ,they have a gallon jug in their hand to bring home a water doggie bag. My electric bill has gone down with the aid of the new A/C and the air quality has and is still improving each day. Being a care giver I have noticed a marked change in my patient with COPD . He does not *** and cough as much since the new A/C went in. Your company has given a new meaning to being a life saver. Thank-you so very-very much for being a first class company with the highest level of customer care. Sincerely , Donna M. Willis

Solar Sphere, LLC customer: Atlantis Solar thank you very much for your assistance in helping me receive my order that Mr. Kriss Bergethon, Solar Sphere, LLC could not do and would not return my telephone calls. I love your Atmospheric Water Generator and it is much nicer then what I ordered from Mr. Kriss Bergethon, Solar Sphere, LLC. Many friends come to my home just to drink the water made by my new Atmospheric Water Generator. Soon I will install my new Atlantis Solar Air Conditioner, and hope to become an Atlantis Solar Distributor in the near future.

Thank you very much for your quality products and helping me with shipping when the company I paid money to (Mr. Kriss Bergethon, Solar Sphere, LLC) would not even pick up the telephone.

Hi ......OK the best as I can get out of my on going Kriss mess is , Ada with Arrowpack is sending Kriss the invoice that he owes for storage and such to be sent back over night express back to her. As soon as that clears Ada will call me to set up a shipment time and delivery. Kriss has been very sweet through this hole thing because it wasn't his fault for the screw up you know {ya right}. I'll bet he never tries to sell something in Florida again. I think at this point he is really in the hole on this one. Another lesson learned. I keep thinking in the back of my head that this shipment is going to show up COD. That would ice my cake......well there is chapter #10 of this soap opera. HAVE A GOOD DAY..............DONNA


I have a question for you. What would it take ? or what would I need to do ? to get an exclusive in my tri-county area ? That would be Orange , Seminole , and Oseola counties. The more research I do and read on solar and its Potential ,not only to save a few million lives but to make a few donna dollars the more I am I want to be a part of it? I feel I could do the company justice . Donna Willis P.S. II still do not have my products from Solar Sphere, LLC customer . Everything comes to those that wait.


Be careful of Don Loyd I shipped cargo for him in October 2010 and to date he never paid his bill for over $1,400.


Be careful of Don Loyd I shipped cargo for him in October 2010 and to date he never paid his bill for over $1,400.

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